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,e University of North Carolif 

ot Greensboro 




Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

Spring Fling, 1978 

The last major social event of the 
Spring semester is Spring Fling, a 
weekend long festival during which 
students attempt to work off a combina- 
tion of excessive energies brought about 
by the improved weather after a long, cold 
winter and excessive anxieties due 
primarily to impending exams. 

Last year's event, sponsored by Elliot 
Center Council and the Student Govern- 
ment, overcame a great hurtle to be 
among the most successful ever. Living as 
we do in one of the last bastions of the 
Women's Christian Temperance League, 
students were prohibited from using their 
activity fees towards the purchase of beer. 
However, as the needs of the populace 
cannot be easily ignored, the dorm 
students took it upon themselves to 
provide the necessary lubricant for any 

In addition to the beer, students were 
entertained by the UNC-G mime troupe, 
there was a picnic in the quad and the 
Stroh's people sponsored new and 
unusual sporting endeavors. While WUAG 
provided music for the quad, Rugby 
players indulged their tendencies towards 
masochism by descimating themselves on 
the athletic field. 

The weekend also provided the 
occasion for some good, old time rock 'n 
rollers as the Drifter's, Chuck Berry, and at 
Chuck's invitation, more than a few 
UNC-G students took over the stage at 
Aycock Auditorium for an evening. 

In short. Spring Fling "78 provided a 
necessary and thoroughly enjoyable 
respite from the rigors of academic life. 

Tate Street Fair 

Of the many campus and community 
activities in the Spring of 1978 the Tate 
Street Fair was included. For this annual 
event, the city of Greensboro allowed the 
Tate Street merchants to barricade the 
block of Tate Street from Walker 
Avenue to Carr Street. Local and 
visiting craftsmen then set up 
booths to exhibit wares vs/hich 
included such things as paperback 
books, handcrafted jewelry and 
leathergoods. The Belstone Fox 
provided cut-rate beer, while the 
Hong Kong House and Friar's Cellar 
offered those in attentance a 
multitude of delectable goodies 
upon which to feast. Local 
musicians were on hand to provide 
continous music throughout the 
afternoon and the Janus Wings 
showed free movies intermittently 
during the Fair. All in all, it was a 
good day for sounds, suds, and fun. 

Tom Chapin 

"L^\'v'. ■■ 

i II i 

I lt> 



Last April there was a "collision" 
involving several cars and passengers on 
the UNC-G golf course. University Police, 
Greensboro City Fire Department, and 
Guilford County Emergency Transporta- 
tion Service responded to the scene of the 
accident, extricated the victims and 
stabilized them. What was going on? It 
was "Operation Rescue", a simulated 
accident and rescue operation sponsored 
annually by the Emergency Medical 

After stabilizing the "victims", they 
were transported to an appropriate 
hospital by a US Military Assistance to 
safety and Traffic helicopter from the US 
Army 57th Medical Detachment which 
operates out of Fort Bragg. This detach- 
ment provides emergency air transport 
and evacuation to all citizens within 180 

"Operation Rescue" is only one facet 
of the Emergency Medical Association's 
public education program whose motto is 
"Saving Lives Through Education." EMA 
sponsors and coordinates projects 
throughout the year for the education of 
students, faculty, the community, and 
EMA members. Medic 1 - Medic II is a 
program aimed at teaching cardiopulmon- 
ary resuscitation to one thousand 
students a year. 

The Life Support Tactical Team 
provides medical coverage to concerts 
and events held on campus while the 

Physician's Assistant Symposium held in 
November allows interaction between 
students and medical personnel from 
around the state. 

An organization open to all students 
interested in emergency medical care, 
EMA provides a vital function at UNC-G. 


Pine Needl0¥ 


Features (^ 










'*'«"'f'-;*rv '■>^- .'3^4:; ^..j:^ 


There are too many musicals 
these days with exclamation points 
in their titles: OLIVER!. FIORELLOI. 
OKLAHOMA! ... but the UNC-G 
Theatre's production of HELLO, 
DOLLY! is one musical which 
definitely requires such punctua- 
tion! How does one sort out all the 
superlatives that this production so 
richly deserves? To begin with. 
Hello, Dolly! is a jewel: an absolute 
gem of a performance from overture 
to finale. Director John Joy's 
mastery of musical comedy is 
unmatched by any director in this 
state. Dr. Joy, a veteran of the 
Broadway stage, has created a huge 
valentine that is his special gift to 
each and every member of the 
audience. Judging from the stand- 
ing ovations that the show received 
after every performance, it is 
obvious that the audience was 
thrilled and enchanted with his 

The production's real star is, of 
course, Dolly. She was superbly 
portrayed by Miss Beth Leavel, a 
graduate student from Raleigh who 
is working toward a M. F. A. in 
Theatre. Miss Leavel has captured 
the true essence of Dolly Levi with a 
unique warmth and style that makes 
one forget the existence of the likes 
of Channing and Bailey. As one 
high-ranking source in the Depart- 
ment of Communication and 

Theatre put it, "This is the best 
performance given by a UNC-G 
Theatre student in the last decade." 
This is an understatement. 

The other principles in HELLO, 
DOLLY! were exceptionally well 
cast. Charles Jeffers as Horace 
Vandegelder was especially mar- 
velous opposite Miss Leavel with 
John Felix and Curtis Harwell giving 
outstanding performances as clerks 
in Vandegelger's store. They set out 
for the big city in search of love and 
adventure and happily find both in 
Mrs. Irene Molloy and Miss Minnie 
Fay, convincingly portrayed by Miss 
Delia Thompson and Miss Emily 
Green. Keith Martin and Jennifer 
Johnson combined in a secondary 
love story that beautifully com- 
plimented the main action of the 
play. But superlatives are also in 
order for the exuberant chorus, full 
of life, who positively sparkled as 
they took over Aycock Auditorium, 
in and out of doors, up and down the 
aisles, winning the hearts' of the 
audience right and left. Space does 
not allow listing all their names, but 
their brilliance and hard work is well 
worth mentioning. 

Keith Martin must be given a 
huge bravo for his outstanding 
choreography; never has a UNC-G 
musical been so skillfully choreo- 
graphed. Mr. Martin has a natural 
ability for creating dances that are 

smooth, precise, and professional. 
HELLO, DOLLY! has over a dozen 
production numbers, many of which 
brought the audience to their feet, 
and Keith Martin is to be commend- 
ed for his creativity and expertise. 

The settings, designed by 
Randall McMullen, were imaginative 
and colorful as were the period 
costumes executed by Susan 
Lambeth. Gavin Smith followed the 
action flawlessly with his lighting 
design, and Kathi Boyette, as Stage 
Manager, coordinated all the 
technical elements with accom- 
plished skill. An impressive orches- 
tra, extremely rare for a amateur 
production, was capably directed by 
Arvid Knutson. 

The UNC-G Theatre's 56th 
season is off to yet another 
promising start and HELLO, DOL- 
LY! will long be remembered as a 
valentine that captured the heart of 
every person who was fortunate 
enough to see it! 


Falderal, the UNC-G fall celebration of Founder's Day 
included fireworks, beer, and fun this year. There were 
bands in the quad for the Sunday afternoon portions of the 

SG President Ralph Wilkerson and his staff organized 
a drive earlier in the semester to solicit donations from the 
student body in order to facilitate the purchase of beer for 
the event. This was necessitated by the fact that State law 
prohibits the use of student activity fees for the purchase 
of alcoholic beverages on state supported campuses. 

Elliot University Council in conjunction with the 
Greensboro Coliseum sponsored discount tickets to 
students for a concert given by the Doobie Brothers. 

The weather for the Falderal Weekend provided the 
perfect compliment for the celebration. 



M^n^^ U 


I 1 




1 1 

• 1 



P 5 

r 'v 



Chancellor Ferguson 
Announces Resignation 

On September 15, 1978, Chancellor James Ferguson 
announced his resignation effective July 31, 1979. 
Beginning as Acting Chancellor in 1964, Ferguson decided 
to resign his position to fulfill "a sincere desire to return 
to a full-time teaching assignment" as a history professor. 

Ferguson accepted the Chancellorship when the 
former Women's College was becoming a multipurpose, 
coeducational University. With the Chancellor and his 
Administration, the Margaret C. Moore Nursing Building, 
a new Business and Economics Building, Raymond Taylor 
Theatre, the Music Annex, the William D. Carmicheal, Jr. 
Television Unit, a new wing to Elliott Center and several 
other projects have been completed. 

Before 1962, graduate degrees at UNC-G were 
restricted to Education, certain professional areas, and 
the Fine Arts. Now, UNC-G offers Doctoral Degrees in 
twelve areas and Master Degrees in seventy different 
programs. UNC-G's Graduate School constitues the 
highest percentage of "total institutional enrollment" in 
the entire University system. 

When asked what he would miss most, the Chancellor 
replied, "I have regrets even now, but I have examined my 
decision and I feel this is the time to do it. Teaching is my 
greatest satisfaction in life. I enjoyed the associations with 
different groups, even though I was never called an 
extrovert. The reduced contacts will be missed, because 
they are reduced." 


International House is a small, close dorm. This 
year, we have about 75 resident students. Because of 
the small number of students who live in the dorm, we 
are much more like a family than just a group of dorm 

The members of the l-House family are together 
because they have a common goal. Although we are 
all interested in foreign cultures, not everyone in 
l-House is a language major. Actually, we have people 
studying such diverse subjects as business and 
speech pathology. 

One of our purposes in l-House is to introduce the 
UNC-G community to some of the aspects of other 
cultures. In the fall we hold Oktoberfest. For this event 
we try to present many of the elements of a traditional 
German Oktoberfest, These include German foods, 
German songs, German dances, and the traditional 
drinking of beer. Our major spring project is Festival. 
For this we try to present the foods, music, and 
costumes of four different countries. 

As a resident of l-House, I have been introduced 
to many new and interesting ideas. On the whole, I 
believe that l-House is a great way to live and learn. 

Austin Jones 

fk d 



m^.. : T^^M ^^S tJw-is^.- . 


Good times are great times for the easy taste of 


1 1 '^ 






'1 ..^H 



Students in Jim Gallucci's 
Design 240 were given the assign- 
ment ot designing plastic figures 
while keeping the environment in 
mind. The results were the inflat- 
ables which took the campus by 
surprise on the morning of Sep- 
tember 21. 

Surprises on Campus 


As the month of August began to unwind, 
many students began making preparations for the 
move back to campus. 

The Orientation Committee moved back into 
the dorms in order to prepare for newly arriving 
students. Among the committee's planned events 
were the devouring of the world's largest banana 
split and a performance by Uneeda Biscuit. 

On August 19, the remaining dorm students 
made their presence known through crowded 
parkmg, countless boxes, long lines, and 
conversations filled with news of the summer. 


During the month of September, a variety of 
events were offered for the entertainment and 
involvement of the UNC-G community^ 

On campus, the University Concert/Lecture 
series sponsored pianist Emmanuel Ax on 
September 1 and the Billy Taylor Jazz Trio on 
September 8. Both of these events w/ere held in 
Aycock Auditorium. The EUC Orientation Dance 
was held in Cone Ballroom on September 7 
featuring the group "Songbird". Finally, APO, 
and Gamma Sig in conjunction with the 
American Red Cross sponsored a Bloodmobile 
visit to Campus on September 26. 

Off campus, the Greensboro Coliseum 
hosted singer-songwriter Jackson Browne on 
September 1 and "Yes" on September 14. 

Halloween brought out the 
spirits of campus as many of us 
exhibited our finer creative abilities 
and our inhibitions in costumes that 
ranged from a loveable Donald 
Duck to a not so edible pair of 
M&l^'s. For many the change was a 
temporary disguise; for others, it 
was an improvement. It was Oc- 
tober and the semester had passed 
its halfway point. For that reason we 
were justified in treating ourselves 
to the insanities of the season; and 
that meant a dance with Maurice 
and the Zodiacs, parties, and a few 
frightening movies. But most of all it 
meant release. 


During the month of November, UC/LS presented 
students and the community with three events. On 
November 2 the Royal Winnipeg Ballet performed in 
Aycock Auditorium. Two days later, the Ivlerce 
Cunningham Dance Company appeared on campus. 
Music students enjoyed guest pianists Ferrante and 
Teicher on November 11. 

The UNC-G Theatre displayed their talents with "The 
Beeple" to capacity crowds November 15-19. Children in 
the surrounding public schools were guests to matinee 

Operation '83. held November 18, was a successful 
venture to familiarize incoming students with the campus 

Prior to the December rush of projects and finals, 
students and faculty received a four day Thanksgiving 


December; a month of parties, 
projects, and finals. But tfiat is not 
all thiat happened in December. 

On December 1 & 2, UC/LS 
presented UNC-G Dance Division 
Concert. Then, December 4, 5, 6 the 
EUC Council sponsored the annual 
Lovefeast and Candlelight Service. 

Finally, after all the confusion, a 
well earned vacation. 

/H ,^. 

E^^^.- . V 

S?^^fflfcB^ ^ft ^-' wk K'''^-4^Jifi»^a^^Wl^Z^.— ' 

■^j||di^B£^ ^^^^^H 

wMns^tM^:h WMM 


Students began returning to school January 
8. Annid the lines at the bookstore, the cafeteria, 
the police station, and the ID revalidation, 
friends talked about their holiday. 

An off-Broadway production of "The Wiz" 
was presented at the Greensboro Colesium 
January 13. 

This month UC/LS presented The Tambur- 
itzans, January 12; the Budapest Symphony, 
January 16; Albee Directs Albee, Jan. 26; and 
Anna Moffo, Soloist, with the Greensboro 
Symphony Orchestra, Jan. 29. 


Besides the traditional ideas 
about romances beginning In ttie 
month of February, UNC-G had 
several unique events UC/LS 
presented a Russian Festival of 
Dance, February 1; Tokyo String 
Quartet, February 13; and the 
Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra 
February 19. 

Another Operation '83 was 
sponsored by the Orientation 
Committee, February 2 with a 
Minority Orientation, February 1. 

Valentine's Day. February 14, 
was celebrated by EUC with a 
Social. The Valentine's Day Dance 
was held in Cone Ballroom, Fe- 
bruary 16. 


Beginning the month of March, Elliot University 
Center celebrated the 26lh year of its existence. 
Students took a well-deserved Spring Break officially 
from Saturday, March 3 till Monday March 12. 

UC/LS presented the Janacek Chamber 
Orchestra, March 16: Newport Jazz Festival All Stars, 
March 17; UNC-G Dance Division Concert, March 21 
and 23; and Clive Barnes on March 27. 

Spring Fling, an annual holiday held on campus, 
was celebrated April 19-April 22. EUC hosted the 
Semi-formal Spring Dance, April 20 

UC/LS brought the Acting Company; "Antigone" 
to campus April 6 

Students preregistered for Summer School, and 
Fall Semester April 9-13 

May 1, was the last day of class. May 2 students 
spent the day studying for exams, and lying in the sun. 
Seniors officially graduated May 13 at ceremonies 
held at the Greensboro Coliseum. 

A Marcel Marceau 


C Janacek Chamber Orchestra 

D Olive Barnes 

E Murray Louis 

F Trinadad Dancers 

G Trinadad Dancers 



at graduation 

you'll be 






P.O. BOX 8475 GREENSBORO, NO. 27410 

294-9054 454-2512 


Black Arts 

The Neo Black Society sponsored a Black Arts 
Festival in Cone Ballroom, February 4-10, here at 
UNC-G. Talent Shows, Spook Houses for children, 
Dance Groups, Martin Luther King. Sr., and a Fashion 
Show were presented to students as well as the 

Ringling Brothers and 
Barnum and Bailey Circus 





^^B£e£C£^HV V . ^^^^1 





In its fourth year of existence, the Swim 
Team, coached by Jo Degraw exhibited much 
team spirit as members practiced for a minimum 
of two hours each afternoon and continually 
strived for perfection in style and efficiency in 

Among the teams accomplishments were a 
third place finish in the fvledley Relay of the State 
Finals and a second place finish in the 
backstroke by Jeanne Peck, also during the 
State Finals, 

While the team continues to set goals for its 
growth, an extended season involving more 
meets is one such objective for the future. 


Swim Team 

Row 1: Jo Degraw, Susan McLester, Megan Goodwin. 
Ruth Emma Wright. Yvonne Machileck. Robyn Ramsdill. 
Sandy Peacock. Buffy Wood. Katherine Jenkins. Row 2: Phil 
McCaul, Sean Lynch. Tim Dayton. Marshall Caldwell. Jeanne 
Peck. Ken Walker. Pete Hendy. Howard White. Gary Lowell 
Not pic: Laura Williams 

Men's RFU s 


As a recently organized club on campus, the 
UNC-G Men's Rugby Football Club has had 
many headaches with funding, playing areas, 
and other problems But, with all the drawbacks, 
each game draws more supporters. 

For many students this is the first time they 
have seen a game because Rugby is a relatively 
new sport in this area Originating in England, 
Rugby has not changed very much. It is still a 
game of durability, physical stamina, and 

Women's Rugby: 
I Hear Thunder. 

54i# ^«.: 

The Women's Rugby Football Club was organized fall 
1978 as the youngest team In the state. From the beginning, 
the team's organization was faced with obstacles such as 
playing areas, coach, insurance, funding, and other 

Although they started the season with drawbacks, the 
Thunders finished their Fall Season with a perfect 3-0. The 
team was coached by the Greensboro City Rugby Football 
Union and will be coached by them again for the Spring 
Season which began on February 27. 

Row 1; Kristine Berling. Jackie Gladstone, Denise Day, Cheryl 
Carpenter, Donna Ttiomas, Ntta Sealey. Row 2; Susan Barnes, Sam 
Steptiens, Kim Ctiurcfiili, Malinda Ellis, Jotinny McLean, Ann Bailes, Rick 
Halstead, Allison Relos, Jackie Faw, Tammy Pressley, Dorothy Nelson. Not 
Pic, Cindy Till, Teresa Collins, Lisa Beckley, Clarice Presnell, Anita 
McNeilly, Albert Stevens: Coach. 

Spartan Soccer 

The Spartan soccer team, coached by 
Geoff Bird, finished with a record of eight 
wins, ten losses, and one tie. The record 
was an improvement over last year's 
record and the Spartans can look forward 
to more improvements in the season to 

The Spartans showed that they could 
play some fine ball with big wins over High 
Point and Guilford College: but, the team 
lacked the drive needed to win consistant- 


Coach Geoff Bird plans on working 
with the players throughout the winter and 
spring in order to prepare them for the 
next season. With the acquisition of a few 
recruits, UNC-G can look forward to a 
successful year in 1979. 







•-^^ w^' 


Field Hockey 

1978 proved to be a somewhat disappointing year for the Field 
Hockey team, which finished with a record of 6-12-4. However, 
disappointment over the performance of the team was compensated 
for by outstanding individual performances. Five team members 
were selected to play on the Deep South team because of their 
extraordinary abilities. These players were: Leslie Carron, Chassis 
Chald. Tina Lee, Alyson Br inser, and Cindy Wilhemy. Cassie Chald 
went on to be selected to play on the Southeast II team which 
represented this region at the national tournament. 

Prospects of next year's team are optimistic even though seven 
members of the team will be graduating in the spring. Coach Caryl 
Dix feels confident that the experience of the remaining players 
combined with the enthusia sm new players always bring to the team 
will definitely provide a winning combination for the next season. 










^^^^^T ^ 







Btl^ .*''y--.r~> 


r; ■" ' "„ '. 

' 'tt 




■^^jjfe^v/. ■ 

'>:X.: - 


.»««r i | l >i» I " ii M lil j K I 


%f: ^"i'/H 








^*-f hour 




PHONES 272-3456 





«//^ ** '': fl 

4 1^ 




m -4 



UNC-G Volleyball 


Angus Stephens 

Barbara Bailey 
James Baskett 
Karen Davis 
Mark Deaton 
Parricia Decker 

Rosemary Bennetts 
Phyllis Blackburn 
Sandra Boswell 
Sylvia Brady 
Barbra Brink 
Tyrus Faust 
Catherine Fisher 
Beth Fox 

Patricia Bryant 
Christina Camesas 
Terri Carpenter 
James Cheshire 
Ann Cockerham 
Teresa Frazier 
Frank Gamier 
Janet Gergel 

Jane Grant 
Ann Grier 
Robert Hall, Jr. 

Nancy Hankin 

Jayne Henderson-Simpson 

Mona Hill 

Charlotte Hurst 

Ronda Jordan 

Nancy Murphy 

Sharon Murphy 

Kim Neal 

Debra Keels 
Scott Keener 
Vera Knight 
Janet Lassiter 
Melanie Logan 
David Newlon 
Sherry Poole 
Lisa Reavis 

Debra Long 
Katheryn Madigan 
Elaine Marley 
Sally McKee 
Kimberly Mercer 
Allison Relos 
Vickie Satterwhite 
Martine Sherrill 

James Miller 
Catina Suarez 
Deborah Wray 
Teresa Wray 

Terrisita Boone 
Aubrey Calhoun 
Christel Farley 
George Finch 
Belinda Flinchum 

Polin Chung 
Phyllis Cousin 
Cynthia Crowder 
Kevin Crumpton 
Becky DeBorde 
Deborah Graves 
Timothy Greene 
Cheryl Gresham 

Linda Harrill 
Ray Haupt 
Sandra Johnson 

Mark Karlok 
Yolanda Kornegay 
Trent McQueen 

Sharon -Mooney 
John Morrow 
Brenda Norville 
Gina Pasquale 
Michael Russell 
Paul Shamel 
Sally Sharp 

Vera Shelton 
Shirley Shipton 
Patti Stafford 

Marty Summey 
Paulette Sutphin 
Timothy Tolson 

Carol Turner 
Matt Williams 
Katheryn Wilson 

Karen Brady 
Martha Crowell 
Leslie Foster 
Cheryl Guyer 
Helen Klutz 

Bonnie Love 
Michael Mitchell 
Benjamin Richardson 
Crystal Smith 

Denise Speaks 
Jeannette Warren 
Miraim Watkins 
Scott Watson 




9f^ . I 

tOTV^ >^Y 


^ : 

Classical Civilazation 

Jonathan Berkelhammer 

Carol McCall 

German And Russian 

LL .^ 1 

And Theatre 

Andrew Asnip 
Montressa Barbee 
Michael Bartlett 
Lori Blum 

Deborah Boyd 
Kathleen Boyette 
Dora Buchanan 
Kevin Butler 
Rebecca Callicutt 
Thomas Connolly 
Coy Covington 
Conley Cribb 

Leslie Culbertson 
Paulette Doin 
Ronald Eggleston 
Charles Embler 

Jennifer Faw 
Susan Garrard 
Carolyn Haas 
Kim Harrison 

Curtis Hertwig 
Gayle Hinson 
Thomas Hirschman 
Nenreitta Ingram 
Waverlyn Jones 
Kristle Ketchum 
Kathie Keves 
Iva Kreiling 

Richard Lamb 
Susanne Lomax 
Keith Martin 
Rebecca Martin 

Elizabeth Mai 
John McCann 
Andrew McKav 
Don Murphy 

Cynthia Pahnke 
Tia Palmisano 
Brenda Pennington 
Joel Perry 

Carol Poole 
James Porter 
Susan Rand 
David Reavis 

Betty Reed 
Patricia Phyne 
Jack Riggs 
Dale Robertson 

Cheryl Setzer 
Jean Sinclair 
Ronald Skenes 
Joey Smith 

Kathleen Smith 
Karen South 
Gary Todd 
Martin Wagner 
Lynne Walker 
Ann Wells 
Arthur Winkler 

Janet Blackburn 
Janette Bolton 
Katherine Carpenter 
Mary Chiles 
Susan Chisholm 
Nathanael Dresser 

Rusel Foster 
Anna Green 
Anthony Hatcher 
Katherine Holmes 
Valerie Kinard 
Deborah Lane 

Nora Lewis 
Teri Lewis 
Bette Llewellyn 
Amy Loope 
Jean Maffrey 
Robin McAtfee 

Susan Moorhead 
Suzanne Moss 
Glenda Owens 

Jane Patrick 
Cheri Pickett 
Ellen Queen 

Dee Simmons 

Amy Sloop 

Patricia Tallent 

Olivia Walker 
Dorothy Waterfill 
Amelia Wetherill 


Joy Cayton 
Alan Driskell 
Carl Flick 
William Freeman 
Kimberly Westergaard 






Jo Coltrane 
Ellen Cox 
Gorden Craighead 
Clayton Draper 
Chris Exiine 
William Ingram 
Gary Mededith 
Sarah Murphy 

Ched Neal 
Polly Peirce 
Kimberly Price 
Jimmy Saunders 
Janice Thompson 
Michael Throop 
Mary Watkins 
Crystal Weaver 


Nan Bowman 

Sue Carlton 

Kim Carswell 

Roy Curry 

Lisa Curtis 

Lillian Glasgow 

Edythe Green 

Margorie Guilford 

Teresa Guinn 

June Holloman 

Janet Maness 

Margaret Martin 

Laura McKaskel 

Jean Mitchell 

Alma Ward 

Ruth Watson 


Political Science 

Carolyn Abbott 
Natarlin Best 
Denise Brooks 

Brenda Byers 
Anthony Caudle 
Susan Cheadle 

Mark Collins 
James Ennis 
Elizabeth Ervin 

Richard Ferebee 

Randal Foster 

Denita Hampton 

Lonnie LeBlang 

Amelia Lennon 

Jann Lund 

Roman Lyczkowski 

Jeff Mabe 

Joseph Newbold 

Sammy Parsong 

John Pugh 

Susan Sears 

Gwendolyn Torain 

Margaret Wright 

Carolyn Arsher 

Christy Allen 

Margarita Azmitia 

Keith Barron 

John Bartlett 

Matresse Best 

Daniel Black 

Linda Boyette 

Patrick Brown 

Janet Burns 

Nancy Chappell 

Eric Clifton 

Mary Connelly 

Jeffery Craver 

Terri Culler 

Marjorie Disoway 

Art Dowsky 

Sandra Fletcher 

Valerie Clascock 

Debra Graves 

Darell Grisson 

Jim Hewitt 

Ruth Johnson 

Annie Jones 


Vicki Kendrick 
Debra List 
Jennifer McCann 
Vickie Mitchell 

Guy Morrison 
Alison Pratt 
Mike Raisig 
Mary Rhyne 

Karyl Roberts 
Iva Shelton 
Teresa Shotfner 
Crystale Stevenson 

Stephanie Stohr 
Anna Strickland 
Anthony Weddington 
Roger Williams 

Romance Language 

Mary Maclin 

Margaret Oakley 

Cindy Ring 

Aimee Seay 
Sherry Spivey 
Ramona Villani 

Linda Foster 
Sabrina Frye 

Nancy Bates 
Cynthia Berlin 

Teresa Brinkley 
Carol Brown 

Debbie Buffaloe 

Cynthia Caldwell 

Michele Campbell 

Jeanna Campbell 

Esther Corbett 

Cathrlne Curtis 

Rita Dingle 
Lisa England 
Pamela Fitch 
Jonathin Gill 
James Harris, Jr. 
Barry Hooker 


Kim Hunt 
Larie Lambe 

Christopher Laughter 
Steven Lehman 

Alice Marshall 
Joy McCadems 
Sandra Merritt 
Denise Miller 
Dinah Richardson 
Ann Simpson 

Carol Simpson 
Janet Stauber 
Julie Stokes 
Yolanda Waisner 
Susan Wilder 
Angela Wooten 

School Of Business 

Aik#' '.% 


Pricilla Anderson 
Theron Anderson 
Nathan Andrew 
Karen Austin 
Jennifer Bane 
Linwood Barbour 
Dudley Bokowski 

Frances Booth 
Terrisa Bowers 
Alice Bynum 
Barbara Barrel! 
James Butt 
Elizabeth Byrd 
John Campbell 

Dale Caviness 
Lydia Clark 
Cathy Cobb 
Gayle Cochran 
Kathleen Cochran 
Carolyn Cole 
Kathy Collins 

Sherrle Cook 
Gloria Cooper 
Linda Crowder 
Robert Crutchfield 
Marilyn Cummings 
David Dickens 
Mary Dombrowski 

Estella Dulsa 
Steven Dunlap 
Carol Dunn 
Karol Everette 
Karen Fagg 
Susan Fox 
Katheran Fulcher 

Dennis Funk 
Carolyn Gainer 
Carolyn Goforth 
Sandra Goode 
Teresa Gray 
James Gresham 
Ron Griffin 

Terry Hanes 
Gorden Hanson 
Janet Hayes 
Theresa Haiti 
Tamsen Hicks 
Douglas Hoffman 
Harold Hopkins 

Norma Houston 
Melinda Hansucker 
Betty Ivester 
Joey Jackson 
Austin Jones 
Mary Jones 
Pearlie Kelly 

Robert Kennedy 
Wayne Landlord 
Dianne Layton 
Susan Little 
Reva Maness 
Dennis Marsh 
John Matzkin 

James McArthur 

Sherry McQueen 

Casey Meyer 

Dorothy Moore 

David Morrow 

Walid Nicoln 

Deborah Noris 

Cynthia Oakley 

Linda Parks 

Kelly Parris 

Sandra Penderson 

Cindy Pettit 

Jeff Pfaff 

Karen Pickler 

Faye Price 

Harry Price 

Joyce Pugh 

Donald Putnam 

Bernetta Randall 

Jeffery RIeves 

Eddie Rhodes 

Mary Rulli 

Thomas Settemyre 

Greg Scott 

Kim Scott 

Susan Sherwood 

Roger Smith 

James Stanley 

Carol Stapleton 

Linda Strader 

Dale Strikler 

Richard Sugrue 

Howard Talley 

David Thompson 

David Thorton 

Deborah Tripp 

Ernest Tromness 

Emma Turner 

Jeff Vance 

Sharon Vaughn 

Gary Vernon 

Lee Walker 

Dianne Wall 

Leamon Ward, III 

Timothy Weavil 

Lark Welborn 

Cindy Whicker 
Doris Wilkerson 

David Williams 

Mark Wilson 

Rooster Wilson 

Deborah York 

School Of Education 

Glenda Alexander 
Sharlien Alston 
Sarah Andrews 
Beverly Bernard 
Cyndy Boughton 
Martha Boyeite 

Vickie Bradley 
Cynthia Brower 
Barbara Brown 
Beth Burton 
Cheryl Carter 
Anne Clark 
Karen Clal 

Mary Connolly 
Cheryl Davis 
Kimberly Davis 
Linda Doby 
Robbie Earl 
Gregory Fears 
Ruth Gehrke 

Debra Gordon 

Teresa Grimes 

Margaret Hamilton 

Elisabeth Harper 

Deborah Harrington 

Marilyn HInes 

Roslyn Holbrook 

Karen Hoover 

Karen Johnson 

Susan Jones 

Sarah Kritzer 

Alma Lane 

Theresa Larkin 

Michelle Luck 

Susan Manning 

Angela Martin 

Beverly Martin 

Catherine Martin 

Nancy McDonald 

Gail McLaughlin 

Cynthia More 

Brenda Murray 

Bonita Newsome 

Margaret Nicholson 

Amanda Olshinski 

Deborah Parr 

Robin Propst 

Terri Richey 

Patricia Roberts 
Marsha Royal 
Beth Sanders 

Jarmila Santos 

Audrey Scott 

Carol Sloan 

Patsy Smith 

Donna Spainhour 

Robin Starolitz 

Jan Strickland 

Betty Taylor 

Laverne Totten 

Lisa Uzzell 

Pattie Wall 

Emily White 

Mary Willard 

Kim Woodruff 

Susan Wyatt 

Rebecca Young 


:;/,:.'/ X 


School Of Health, Physical 

Elizabeth Allen 

Caroline Baldwin 

Elizabeth Bentorado 

Laura Boerum 

Allyson Brinser 

Judith Bullard 

Patricia Cadle 

Debra Cameron 

Carol Carothers 

Cindy Carraway 

Sandra Case 

Lu-Anne Chandler 

Holly Chester 

Cynthia Cliward 

Vickie Cloninger 

Susan Coin 

Paula Coss 

Elizabeth Creel 

Susan Crews 
Lynne Davidson 
Linda Dickerson 
Karen Dorsett 
Janice Edgerton 
Deborah Felton 

Education, and Recreation 

Nancy Fletcher 
Katharine Fort 
Cynthia Graham 
Carol Green 
Brenda Hall 
Peggy Henderson 

Tony Hanson 
Linda Holliday 
Sandra James 
Sallae Kelly 
Debbie Kendrick 
Gloria Lasley 

Vanessa Lewis 
Barbara Lind 
Ava McKinney 
Alice McMichaal 
Kristin Marack 
Helen Mikkin 

Charlene Morgan 
Karen Moselay 
Caria Mull 
Valeria Nixon 
Cathy Owens 
Jeanne Peck 


Cheryl Peters 

Margaret Pittman 

Gwen Poole 

Nancy Raynor 

Cynthia Reeves 

Sherry Ridenhour 

Rick Robinson 

Elizabeth Safrit 

Ronnie Sapp 

Mary Sears-Morrison 

Donna Shively 

Anita Stines 

Peggy Stortstrom 
Keith Strader 
Pamela Tesh 
Syliva Tidline 
Cheryl Tucker 
Jodi Upchurch 
Caria Veasey 

Helen Walker 

Mitizi Warren 

Susan Watson 

Cynthia Wilhelmy 

Donna Winchell 

Tracy Wishon 

Frances Woodward 

School Of Home Economics 

Christine Abernethy 
Imbarka Addala 
Cheryl Allen 
Betsy Allen 
Lana Allread 
Sharon Allred 
Laura Arnold 

Donna Ayscue 
Dawn Ashmore 
Jenny Baker 
Robin Baynes 
Susan Bjork 
Dale Bolick 
Carol Bowers 

Francis Bradford 
Cynthia Brady 
Brenda Briggs 
Marsha Bright 
Cindy Broadwell 
Belty Bryant 
Peggy Bryant 

Ellen Bryson 
Paddy Burcham 
Rebecca Callahan 
Nancy Carrier 
Denise Cavin 
Linda Clark 
Carolyn Cobb 

Cynthia Cole 
Sheryl Cooke 
Darleen Cunningham 
Tamela Dabbs 
Carole Davis 

Cynthia Davis 
Susan Davis 
Keith Dillon 
Karen Dill 
Cindy Drake 
Cynthia Eanes 
Susan Elliot 

Lorraine Ellis 
Kim Fann 
Vergie Faust 
Deborah Fedrizzi 
Leia Ferguson 
Linda Ferry 
Mary Fesperman 

Charles Floyd 
Cathy Foster 
Tangela Frost 
Dorothy Punches 
Gurnadean George 
Deborah Gering 
Shirley Goodnight 

Gwendolyn Gore 

Karen Gray 

Gall Green 

Teresa Gurdlei 

Martha Harrington 

Jeannie Harris 

Martha Harrison 

Nina Henry 

Margaret High 

Sara Hill 

Deborah Hillard 

Ann Hodges 

Karen Holt 

Rebecca Horn 

Connie Johnson 

Jennifer Jolly 

Sandra Jones 

Evelyn Kahner 

Virginia Key 

Betty King 

Frances King 

Susan Kipping 

Mary Lambert 

Mary Landen 

Barbarann Long 

Venida Macklin 

Annette Manning 

Pamala Mason 


Cindy Mayse 

Virginia McAdams 

Patsy McEntire 

Deborah McGann 

Geneva Mclntyre 

Cheryl McQueen 

Barbara Mendelson 

Deborah Merrill 

Brenda Milteer 

Karen Monteith 

Maureen Moran 

Ella Morgan 

Patricia Morgan 

Ellyn Morrow 

Richard Muser 

Sandra Mull 

Faye Nance 

Linda Oliver 

Rebecca Olsen 

Vivian Perkins 

Pamela Phillips 

Betty Poore 

Helen Powell 

Madeleine Powell 

Mary Quick 
Mary Raiter 
Pamela Rogers 
Debbie Ross 
Susan Royals 
Marjorie Sanderson 
Galve Searcy 

Luanne Shober 
Sharon Simpson 
Annette Singleton 
Cynthia Slack 
Mary Small 
Martha Smith 
Nancy Spratt 

Liza Sprinkle 
Susan Stark 
Jane Starns 
Dale Stine 
Melissa Stinson 
Houstina Story 
Sue Stutzman 

Shelly Sullivan 
Joan Tarduogno 
Jean Taylor 
Laura Taylor 
Robert Taylor 
Annette Terrell 
Sarah Thompson 

Mildred Townsend 
Kammie Veeder 

Karianne Walker 

Carol Wallin 

Kathleen Walters 

Margaret Ward 

Melia Washburn 

Rona Wetherhill 

Ann Wheless 

Lorl Whitley 
Linda Wright 
Kathy Wood 
Carol Zeylez 

[;■ ■■■'*:;:::^^^ta .x. 

./••:•■ 1 


School Of Music 

Lucy Bowman 

Donna Bray 

Sherree Brooks 

Wendy Brown 

Cynthia Brush 

Teresa Cain 

Jeanne Cannady 

Anna Cranford 

Jimmy Dickson 

Thomas Floyd 

Kathryn Garrett 

Caryl Goertler 

Bernard Hall 

Kevin Hayes 

Wanda Hicks 

Mark Hodges 

Kea Holloman 

Rebecca Huffman 

Gregory Hurley 

William Ingold 

Gregory Thomas 

Felecia Maynor 

Jon McCachren 

Sarah Morgan 

Jeffrey Mueller 

Samuel Newlin 

Debra Plyler 

Leslie Reim 

Tracey Richards 

Harry Roland 

Andrew Russell 

Jo Simpson 

Mary Spry 

Ronnie Stephens 

Wiley Sykes 

Lydia Taylor 

Brooks Troxler 

Jody Underwood 

Jeffery Whicker 

Pamela Whitfield 

Barbara Wilkinson 

School Of Nursing 

Patricia Allen 
Demise Arthur 
Pat Barfield 

Rhonda Barbee 
Jane Barr 
Camille Beam 

Susan Belch 
Nancy Boling 
Anita Cameron 

Myra Carlisle 
Wendy Clark 
Cathy Cox 


Elizabeth Creech 

Dusty Dale 

Robin Davis 

Pamela Dickerson 

Carolyn Faluo 

Sharon Ford 

Teresa Foster 

Jeanette Foushee 

Karen Frye 

Cynthia Geouge 

Hanly Grabow 

Helen Graves 

Elizabeth Griftin 

Robin Hartman 

Debra Hendren 

Ara Hester 

Doris Haitt 

Margaret Higgins 

Gail Use 

Leia James 

Joy Kelly 

Diana Kent 

Cindy Kreeger 

Paula Lagle 

Beth Lane 

Terry Lineberger 

Donna Little 

Kathy Mathison 

Kathy May 

Terry Moir 

Dorothy Moose 

Joyce Moretz 

Caryl Morgan 

Sarah Mouen 

Roberta Murray 

Mary Neal 

Carol Neighbours 

Anita Nichols 

Martha Nicholson 

Shirley Parks 

Patricia Patterson 

Catherine Payne 

Carolyn Pegram 

Robert Ross 

Toni Sessoms 

Debra Shipe 

Cheryl Sloan 

Alice Smith 

Pamela Smith 

Meloney Stack 

Larry Stephenson 

Mary Tesh 

Catherine Tinnin 

Donna Vaughn 

Stephen Vaughn 

Joan Vest 

Teresa Walker 

Kathy Weavil 

Karen Weeks 

Susan Wilson 

Joanna Wooten 


Janet Abernathy 

CoINn Abbitt, III 

Louis Abramovitz 

Cheryl Abrams 

Susan Ackerson 

Kathy Albright 

Donna Alexander 

Frances Alexander 

Ginger Allen 

Judy Allen 

Cynthia Alley 

Roger Allison 

Gladys Anderson 

Ann Andrew 

Amy Andrews 

Carol Andrews 

Mary Andrews 

Nancy Andrews 

Mrchael Armstrong 
Thomas Asumendi 
Daniel Atktns 
Sonya Auman 
Doretha Avery 
Donna Aycoth 

Juron Ayero 
Susan Babb 
Laura Bailey 

Patricia Barley 
James Baitifl 

Richard Baker 

Zina Baldwin 
Susan Baliles 
Vickie Barber 
Kathy Barker 
Sharon Barker 
Cynthia Barnetle 

Jan Barrett 
Wendy Barrlcks 
Tanzy Barrow 
Eileen Basquill 
Joanne Bayha 
Freida Beamer 

Janice Beaver 
Koreen Bell 
Linda Benedict 
Sheila Bennett 
Holly Bent 
Judith Bernanke 

Laura Bess 
Gregory Bickel 
Frankie Biggs 
Frank Bird 
Sharon Bishop 
Cathy Blackard 

Allyson Blackman 
Janet Blackwell 
Christine Blanton 
Susan Blanton 
Cathy Bogle 
Kathi Bogus 

Mary Brodle 

Johnny Brooks 

Anita Brown 

Dawns Brown. Jr 

Carol Childress 

Debbie Chrysikos 

Mary Brown 

Rebecca Brown 

Stephanie Brown 

Janet Broyhill 

Harreit Clayton 

Carney Clegg 

Susan Boles 

Laura Bond 

Clayton Boozer 

Caroline Bounous 

Cynthia Campbell 

Jane Campbell 

Maura Canoles 

Suzanne Carroll 

Shannon Boyd 

Susan Bradley 

Keith Bradsher 

Dianna Bradford 

Leslie Carron 

Tina Carter 

Graydon Cartmell 

Vernor Case 

Teresa Bray 

Eugene Breeze 

Gail Brenner 

Romald Bridges. Jr. 

Susan Cash 

Kim Cato 

John Cecil 

Cynthia Childers 

James Clapp. Jr. 

Marolyn Clarillo 

Eric Clark 

Janer Clark 

Km Clark 

Neil Clay 

Jody Clodfelter 
Joretta Coble 
Cathy Collins 
Jamey Collins 
Kelly Collins 
Susan Collins 

Denise Bryant 
Louis Bumpass 
Elizabeth Burctiell 
Janice Butler 
Pamela Combs 
Caroline Comyns 
Cynthia Connell 
Margaret Connell 

Leigh Byrd 
Nena Cadle 
Joseph Caldeira 
Michael Callaham 
Leon Cook. Ill 
Traci Cook 
Randy Cooke 
Phyllis Cooper 

Rebecca Coppley 

Camille Costa 

Dale Courts 

Mary Courts 

Hollyjean Coward 

Karen Cox 

David Cranford 

Martha Cranford 

Danette Crawford 

Katie Creech 

Roslyn Crosby 

David Crouse 

Veryan Cumberbatch 

Sharon Cuthbertson 

Marion Dal! 

Wayne Dalton 

Carl Damron. Jr. 

Susan Dark 

Kimberiy Daves 

Teresa Davidson 

Leah Davis 

Lisa Davis 

Rhonda Davis 

Rick Davis 

Sarah Davis 

Virginia Davis 

Dense Day 

Patrick Day 

Susan Deaton 

Lorraine DeCunzo 

George DeVane 

Gail Dezern 

Theresa Dillender 

Layla Dillon 

Bobby Dixon 

Pamela Dobbins 

Carolyn Dodson 

Larke Driggers 

Karen Dull 

Margaret Duncan 

Tsuyako Dunn 

Elizabeth Eaker 

Linda Eason 
David Eddlnger 
Valerie Edozlen 
Jane Edwards 
Kenneth Elkins 
Paul Elloitt 

Michael Ellis 
Robin Ellis 
Paul Elosser 
Rosemary Embler 
Mary Emerson 
Steve Engebretsen 

Bonita Fleming 
Susan Fleming 

Pavia Fleming 

Amy Flinchum 

Julie Flowers A 

Kathleen Flynn ■»'"^- 

Kathy Foushee 
Penelope Foushee 
Mary Foust 
Connie Fowler 
Cheryl Franklin 
Andrea Frazier 

Karen Fredrickson 

Kathy Fretwell 

Deborah Friia 

Clifton Frye 

June Fulton 

Virginia Funderburke 

Cecelia Gaines 

Hazel Gaither 

Carol Gallagher 

Julie Galston 

Thomas Gait. Jr. 

Emily Gardner 

Gwendolyn Gatlin 

Venessa Gatling 

Melanie Gear 

Monique German 

Susan Gilchrist 

Mary Gillespie 

Jan Gilliam 
Teresa Gilliam 
Michael Golden 
Sandra Good 
Cora Goodman 
David Qoodn 

Megan Good« 
Bruce Graham 
James Graham 
Sharon Grainger 
Barbara Grant 
Nancy Graper 

Gregory Greer 
Carol Gregory 
Ara Griffin 
Beth Griffin 
Pattie Griffin 
Sharon Grindstaff 

Stephen Hardy 

Ellen Hare 

Julie Hargrove 

Rebecca Harlan 

Janice Harper 

Vicky Harrington 

Karen Harris 
Kathryn Harrill 
Pamela Harris 

Rebekah Harris 
Linda Harrison 

Donna Harwood 

Margorie Hatcti 
Larry Haughton 
Cynthia Hayes 
Thomas Haynes 
Crystal Hearne 
Beth Heathershaw 

Richard Helms 

Debbie Henderson 

Karen Hennings 

Glenda Hensley 

Anne Herbert 

Billy Herndon 

Cheryl Herndon 

La Vena Hiatt 

Dana Higdon 

Cheryl Hill 

Linda Hill 

Sue Hilton 

Sarah Mines 
Anthony Hinnant 

Agnes Hoar 
Avis Hobbs 

Patricia Hodge 
Billie Hodges 
Jean Hodges 
Karen Hogan 
Sarah Holmes 
Lisa Holder 

Shan Holland 
Susan Holland 
Melody Holshouser 
Tamela Holt 
Richard Honeycutt 
Benny Hooker 

Michele Hoppe 
Rebecca Hornaday 
Karen Howell 

Sandra Howell 
Elizabeth House 
Diane Hewlett 

Elaine Hubbs 
Allison Huftman 
Tony Huffman 
Grace Huggins 
Joan Huggins 
Richard Huizenga 

Karen Humphrey 
Cynthia Humphreys 
Anna Hunsucker 
Carol Hunt 
Louise Hunt 
Cindy Hunter 

Michelle Hunter 

Lynn Huntington 

Lydia Huskins 

Ricl< Hutchens 

Andrea Hutchinson 

Jon Hyllon 

Robin Inman 
Cheryl Jackson 
Bruce Jacobson 

Sheila Jetlreys 

Susan Jenkins 

Katherine Jenkins 

Cheryl Jenks 

Forrest Jerkins 

Janet Jessup 

Angela Johnson 
Julie Johnson 
Kathy Johnson 

Laura Johnson 
Robert Johnson 
Sharon Johnson 

Susan Johnson 
Elizabeth Johnson 
Joni Johnson 
Judy Jones 
Kimberly Jones 
Beth Jordan 

Karen Joyner 
Robert Keenum 
Teresa Keiger 
Beverly Kellam 
Susan Keller 
Jeffrey Kelly 

Kim Kepley 
Ginnie Kepreades 
Teresa Kerns 
Lynne KIbler 
Wanda King 
Jill KInton 

Dawn Kirschenman 
Susan Kiser 
Karen Koehler 
Mary Konsler 
Rosalynn Kornegay 
Jennifer Kreis 

Marjorie Lamb 
Steve Lambert 
John Lancaster 
Jane Lane 
Sandra Lane 
Steve Lapping 

Krista Lassiter 
Myra Laughter 
Mike Laukhart 
Mary Lavender 
Karen Laver 
Patty Lazenby 

Christine Lee 
Cynthia Lee 
Kay Leeper 
Elizabeth Lewis 
Liteta Lewis 
Susan Lewis 

Anne Lesniak 

Edmond Limer. Ill 
Sheryl Link 

Terry Linthicum 
Debra Livengood 

Melanle Lockhart 

Angela Loizldes 

Gloria Lojko 

Joseph Longo 

Anne Lowder 

Rebecca Lowder 

Hoby Lowe 

Rodney Luck 

Bonnie Mabe 

Walter Mabe 

John Manly 

Kathi Manning 

Linda Martin 
Rebecca Martin 
Tern Martin 
Melinda Martindale 
John Mason 
Laura Mason 

Anne Massey 
Lisa Mastantuono 
Julie Matthews 
Lyn Matthews 
Mona Maurice 
Cathy Maxley 


Robin Mayberry 
Bruce Maynard 
Erin McAndrew 
Cathleen McCall 
Beverly McCarthy 
Susan McCaskill 

Mary McElwee 
Teresa McKee 
Kathryn McKinney 
Nancy McKinney 
Janice McKoy 
Annabel McLean 

Kimberly McLean 
Susan McMullen 
Mary McNair 
Tim McNeal 
Karen McNeil 
Anita McNeilly 

Jo Meador 
Jay Merrill 
Dana Mespelt 
Tammy Metz 
Anne Miller 
Maria Miller 

Rebecca Miller 
Ruth Miller 

Susan Miller 

Ci ""^^ Candice Mills 

Sonya Minter 
Donald Mitchell 

Jeanne Mitchell 

Rebecca Mitchell 

Lawrence Mock 

Tanya Monroe 

Robert Montgomery 

Annette Moore 

Dara Moore 
Donnah Morre 
Jeanne Moore 

Kathy Moore 
Sandra Moore 

Donna Moran 

Deborah Moretz 

Peggy Morgan 

Clarence Morris 

Laura Morris 

Myra Morris 

Sandra Morrisey 

Karen Morrison 
Catherine Mott 
Sandra Mowery 
Cheryl Mozeley 
Jody Mullis 
Caroline Murphy 

Debra Murphy 
Laura Murphy 
Robert Nadler 
Nancy Nelson 
Connie Nesheim 
Gary Neustel 

Tina Newman 

Kimberly Newsome 

Susan Nicholson 

John Nickerson 

Vanessa Noggle 

Janet Nordby 

Phyllis Nunn 

Cynthia Oehler 

Vicki Oldham 

Julie Olive 

Susan Osborne 

Colleen Osgood 


Georian Oslapchenko 

,^^^R Sherry Overton 
Neda Owen 
Debra Page 
Anna Parker 
Kalhryn Parks 

Kathy Parsons 
Betty Patrick 
Anne Patterson 
David Payne 
Kimberly Pearson 
Kattierine Peck 

il'*^'*^ Rosanne Peeler 

•V i Stiaron Pelt 

' yJi Josepti Pettilord 

iM> John Phillips 

JKr Lisa Phillips 

^^ Susan Pickett 

Lee Randal 

Donna Rascoe 

Randy Ratliffe 

Katharine Rauss 

Cindy Ray 

Cochitha Ray 

Donna Ray 

Susan Register 

Sherry Reynolds 

Albert Reynolds 

Paula Reynolds 

Julia Rhodes 

Ellen Rhodes 
Cindy Richard 
Margaret Richards 
Kalhy Richardson 
Belinda Rives 
Angela Robbins 

Stephanie Roberts 
Kathy Robinette 
Mary Robins 
Cynthia Robson 
John Rollins 
Diane Roseman 

Betsy Ross 
Sharon Ross 
Phanaiphte Rhue 
Benjamin Rood 
Sherrill Rudy 
Maria Rutter 

Lonnie Sahlie 
Ellas Said 
Reba Saylor 
Rebecca Scales 
Virginia Scheller 
Sarah Schintzel 

Francis Sciolino 

Elizabeth Scott 

Willis Scott 

Marguerite Seate 

Patricia Sekula 

Robin Self 

Valerie Sellers 

Addie Sexton 

Linda Stiarpe 

Mary Sheek 

Gwendolyn Sheridan 

Myra Shook 

Leslie Sides 

Teresa Sigmon 

Henery Simmons 

Lnida Sink 

Sheila Sloan 

Cherry Smith 

Shryl Stabler 
Deborah Staley 
Pam Stegall 
Ellen Stelnmann 
Mary Steltzer 
Stephen Stewkowski 

Catherine Stephens 
Carolyn Stewart 
Mitch Stiles 
Alice Stone 
Amy Story 
Connie Strickland 

David Stubbs 
Gail Sucharski 
Marly Sudor 
Valerie Summers 
Benjamin Sutton 
Lisa Swaim 

Diane Swann 
Wanda Swicegood 
Tina Swift 
Lucinda Sykes 
Pamela Tapp 
Elaine Taybrow 

Camille Taylor 
Janet Taylor 
Melinda Teague 
Thomas Temples 
Karen Templeton 
Tricia Tepper 

Caroline Veno 

Hilda Vernon 

Norma Vincent 

Hanh Vu 

Debra Waddell 

Dee Waddell 

Ann Waden 
Nancy Wagner 
Joanie Walker 
Malinda Walker 
Warren Walters 
James Ward 

Kathleen Ward 
Ronald Warden 
Lynne Ware 
Cynthia Washborn 
Cathy Watson 
Danny Weavil 

Regina Webster 
Davfd Weill 
Deborah Welborn 
Larry Werlz 
Melanee Wheeler 
Charles Whfte 

Sheree White 
Gwendolyn Whitfield 
Gertrude Whitney 
John Wicker 
Virginia Widenhouse 
Wanda Wiggins 

Ann Wild 
Vicki Wilhelm 
April Wilkerson 
Ralph Wilkerson 
Dante Wilkins 
Mary Williams 

Patricia Willi 

Penelope Willi 

Rosita W 

Terry W 

Vickie Williams 

Charles Williamson 

Joan Willard 

Barbara Williford 

Ann Wilson 

Donna Wilson 

Lisa Wilson 

Rick Wilson 

Nancy Wilt 

Sheila Winborne 

William Wotford 

Claudia Wolfe 

Denise Womack 

Michael Wood 

Kathy Wooten 

Gwenette Worthington 

Jacqueline Wright 

Rebecca Wright 

Richard Wright 

Sheila Wright 

Jeff Yoder 

Alfred York 

Elizabeth York 

Denise Young 

Susan Yount 


Margaret Abbe 
Sandra Adams 
Laura Albergoltl 
Cynthia Allen 

Donna Allen 

Karen Allen 

Leisa Allen 

't Lydian Altman 

Carole Andrews 
Carle Annas 
Janet Armstrong 
Anna Atkins 

Maria Atwood 
Kyle Auman 
Debra Austin 
Pamela Babb 

Ann Bailes 
Pam Baines 
Patricia Baird 
Susanne Baker 

Etta Baldwin 
Gaye Barbour 

Teresa Bass 

Tamra Balton 

Patti Beard 

Susan Beaty 

Debra Beckwith 

Karen Behler 

Clara Bell 

Stacey Bell 

Brenda Bennett 

Carolyn Bennett 

Robin Bost 
Barbara Brady 
Bonnie Brawley 
Kathryn Breeze 
Barbara Brewer 
Richard Bridges 

John Bright 
Elizabeth Briley 
Nancy Brockmann 
David Brooks 
Linda Brooks 
Rhonda Brooks 

Delisa Brown 
Lisa Brown 
Michelle Brown 
Sue Brown 
Angela Bruns 
Karen Bryant 

Lisa Buff 
Nancy Bullington 
Sherry Burch 
Jeffrey Burchette 
Barbara Burke 
Darlene Burnette 

Teresa Burrage 
Sherri Burrts 
Valerie Burrows 
Deborah Butler 
John Butler 
Marian Butler 

Barbara Buxton 
Cathy Byerly 
Teresa Byrd 
Virginia Catfey 
Celie Campbell 
Laura Cardell 

Tanya Cardwell 
Bettie Carmon 
Teri Carpenter 
Eleanor Carroll 
Lisa Carter 
Thomas Carter 

Sherry Gartner 

Eugenia Cashwell 

Linda Cates 

Tammj Causey 

Sherry Cecil 

Wanda Chamberlain 

Deborah Chambers 

Diane Chamblee 

Pamela Channell 

Debra Chavis 

Laurie Cheeseman 

Minnie Cherry 

Teresa Cook 
Gwendolyn Cooley 
Barbara Cooper 
Janet Cooper 
Cynthia Corrigan 
Cheryl Coston 

Cynthia Cothren 
SallJe Coughenour 
Karen Coulter 
Margaret Council 
Debra Covineton 
Karen Cox 

^ m 

Reedy Davis 

Tim Davis 

Sandra Dawson 

Angela Dean 

Maria Deaver 

Jill Degennaro 

Kim DeJarnatt 
Donna DepperschmidI 
Diana Derrick 
Ana Detorres 
Sheri Detweiler 
Sharon Dixon 

Leslie Doane 

Olga Dobbs 

Susan Domnitz 

Tommy Dorset! 

Danny Doss 

Cynthia Dowd 

Patty Doyle 

John Draper 

Rebecca Dresser 

Steven Drew 

Jeffry Driver 

Geoffrey Dudley 

Tammy Dull 

Nancy Dunlap 

Deborah Dunn 

Joan Dunning 

Barbara DuRant 

Randal Durham 

Nancy Fincannon 
Janet Finch 
Karen Finch 
Lisa Finley 
Ellen Figard 
Elizabeth Fischer 

Alfred Florence 
Paul Florence 
Crisly Flores 
Becky Flynn 
Joseph Forbes 
Jefferson Former 

Debbie Foster 

Tina Foster 

Jane Foushee 

Gregory Fowler 

Larry Fowler 

Candy Fox 

Jocelyn Foy 

Jennifer Frazier 

Laura Frederick 

Sarah Freeman 

Elizabeth French 

Ricky Frizzell 

Melissa Fry 

Sharon Fulghum 

Jane Galloway 

Ginnie Gardiner 

Elizabeth Gardner 

Linda Gaster 

Barbara Gawarkiewicz 

Marjorie Gaye 

Mark Ghirardelli 

Annette Gifford 

Jackie Gladstone 

Sharon Glenn 

Laura Glennie 
Sandra Golden 
Tony Goldston 
Joanne Goldwater 
Sabrina Goode 
Joyce Gorham 

Deborah Grady 

Deborah Grant 

Martha Graybeal 

Edgar Green 

Terry Green 

Laura Greens 

Randy Greenson 

Patricia Gregory 

Connie Gresham 

Kathy Griffin 

Pamela Griffin 

Eileen Griffith 

d iJK'L 





^^^- y 

BR^ Jr 

^ / 



Dorothy Grubb 
Steven Gundersen 
Cynthia Gurganus 
Sharon Guyer 
Willa Hackney 
Maria Haley 

Marsha Hall 
Andrienna Hampton 
Elaine Hamrick 
Deborah Hancock 
Lou Haneline 
Janet Hanks 

Judith Harbers 
Jan Harding 
Ethel Harman 
Cynthia Harrill 
Debora Harris 
Floarine Harris 

Mary Harris 
Susan Harrison 
Karen Hart 
Rhonda Hartgrove 
Sharon Hartman 
Karen Hatfield 

Susan Hathcock 
Jackie Hawkins 
Samuel Hawley 
Janice Healy 
Rebecca Hetlin 
Timothy Helms 

Tanya Henderson 

Elizabeth Hennis 

Sharon Hentz 

Lisa Hicks 

Kathryn Highl 

Teresa Hilderbran 

Micheal Hooks 
Cynthia Hooper 
Stephen Hopkins 
Franses Norton 
Lobat Hosseini 
Pamela Houston 

Kathleen Howard 
Gina Howell 
Sharon Howell 
Melissa Hudgins 
Alicia Hutf 
Kathy Huffman 

Pamela Huffman 
Susan Huffman 
Susan Hughes 
Megg Honeycutt 
Nancy Hurley 
Amelia Hutchens 

Wilburn Hutchens, Jr. 
II Hwa Hwang 
Jamie Isenhour 
Michelle Isenhour 
Carolyn Jackson 
Ernie Jackson 

Lewis Jackson 
Patricia Jackson 
Sherry Jackson 
Kimberly Jarrett 
Janene Jeffers 
Gaye Jester 

Carolyn Johnson 

Leile Johnson 

Loretta Johnson 

Yvette Johnson 

Craig Jones 

Patti Jones 

Sigrid Jones 

Selvyn Jordan 

Angela Joyce 

Bill Joyce 

David Julian 

Judy Jurney 

Steven Kahn 

Diane Kearney 

Suzanne Kearns 

Vhatt Kelly 

Deborah Kemp 

Raymond Kennedy 

Patricia Kepley 
Kirk Kibler 
Carole King 
Steve Kirkman 
Melisa Klingel 
Sandra Knight 

Cynthia Koontz 

Mark Lambeth 

Janice Lane 

William Lane 

Renee Latour 

Margaret Latta 

Betty Lawson 

Teresa Lecornu 

Ann Leggett 

Sandra Lemon 

Peggy Leonard 

Anita Lewis 

Brenda Lewis 


Lisa Lile 

■ "* 

^ H 

Jane Llllie 


Aubry Linville 


Johnny Little 


Lester Little 


Margaret Little 
Carole Livengood 
Daniel Lloyd 
Leslie Lockwood 
Sharon Locus 
DIanne Loftin 

Kurt Lorenz 
Joyce Lowe 
Deberati Luck 
Thich Luong 
Carol Lyncti 
Terrye Lynch 

Tammy Lyon 
Ann Madden 
Gennette Madison 
Thahnaz Maiek 
Nina Maness 
Tommy Maness 



Robin Marion 
Robin Marley 
Dennis Marrow 
Michael Marsh 
Tammy Marshall 

Sabrina Martin 
Teena Martin 
JoAnne Mater 
Steven Mathews 
Kitty Matkins 
Mary Matsik 

Gayle May 
Cheryl Mazak 
Delia McAdams 
Helen McAuley 
Susan McBane 
Gloria McCollum 

Natalie McCullach 
Laura McCraw 
Archer McDuffie 
Miriam McElueen 
Cammie McGinnis 
Claire McGinnis 

Thomas McGowan 

Laura McHargue 

William Mcllwain 

Teresa Mcintosh 

Marsha Motsinger 

Dan Mullaliy 

Mary Mulligan 

Lisa Munn 

James Mclntyre 

Judy McKinney 

Patricia McKinney 

Beth McKissick 

Cynthia Murphy 

Frederick Murphy 

Linda Murphy 

Linda Murray 

L'Tanya McMillan 

Karen McNeil 

Cathy Medlin 

Jan Middleton 

Melodie Murray 

David Myer 

Esther Myers 

Rhonda Myrick 

Melissa Midgette 

Carol Miller 

Mary Miller 

Tammy Miller 

Anne Millikan 

Zulene Minga 

Kathy Minton 

Catherine Mitchell 

Terrie Morgan 
Donna Morphis 
Michele Morris 
Barbara Morrison 
Moira Nygreen 
Martha O'Brlant 
Rebecca Odom 
Ricky Oliver 
Kathryn Ortman 

Sara Parker 

Betty Parwell 

Syed Pasha 

John Pasquine 

Mayumi Patience 

Christine Patty 

Carolyn Paul 

Lynn Payne 

Tim Payne 

Beth Peeler 

Therese Peeler 

Bobbie Penny 

Belinda Peoples 

Evelyn Perkins 

Judie Philbeck 

Kim Phillips 

Charolotte Pickett 

Scott Pierce 

Evelyn Pitchtord 
Katherine Pittman 
Patricia Pitts 
Beverly Plott 
Clint Popper 
Kattiy Porter 

Barbara Powell 
David Prehn 
Monica Price 
Tamra Price 
Pamela Pridgen 
Beverly Pringle 

Christoptier Presson 
Catherine Pruett 
William Pugti 
Mary Rabil 
Joan Radosevich 
Evelyn Ramger 

Mark Ramsey 
Debra Raynor 
Victoria Reck 
Judith Redding 
Tony Reeves 
Jeannine Reid 

Venessa Reid 
Beth Reitzel 
Anna Rice 
Donna Ricks 
Melanie Rideout 
Alison Ridge 

Carolyn Rierson 

Joan Rigsbeee 

Alyson Rim 

Jo-Anne Schcolt 

Sandra Schurrer 

Donald Scott 

Sandra Scott 

Parks Roberts 

Edward Rubertson 

Bambi Robinson 

Barbara Robinson 

Jo Robinson 

Lucy Rodgers 

Dora Sequeira 
Elizabeth Serafin 
Mary Setlitt 
Martha Settlemyre 

Darden Shackelford 
Kenneth Shamberger 
Anita Shaw 
Loretta Shaw 

Debbie Rouse 
Nancy Routh 
Kathy Rowe 
Mark Rucker 
Lyie Shaw 
Leila Shepherd 
Penny Showalter 
Lisa Shook 

Richard Rumley 
Lynne Runyans 
Holly Ryals 
Richard Samson 
Lisa Shuping 
Alen Simons 
Angela Sinclair 
Lois Singleton 

Beverly Sandy 
Stephanie Sardyiotes 
Mark Sarno 
Felecia Satlerfield 
Marsha Sitton 
David Smodberh 
Beverly Smith 
Dawn Smith 

tti^. !r\ ••) 

Gary Smith 
Lauren Smith 
Michael Smith 
Mitzi Smith 
Robin Smith 
Willie Smith 

Wendy Smoak 

Cheryl Snider 

Margaret Snider 

Linda Snow 

Elizabeth Snyder 

Dorothy Somers 


Richard Stephens 
Lynn Stevens 
Brenda Stewart 
Sarah Stout 
Brenda Strayhorn 
Teresa Strickland 

Julie Strong 
Timothy Sturtevant 
Nancy Sultan 
Kelly Suratt 
Kimberly Swann 
Shannon Sykes 

Sandra Tarllon 
Ahmet Tataragasi 
Sarah Tate 
Caren Tatum 
Deborah Taylor 
Susan Taylor 

Laura Thaxton 
Deborah Thomas 
Ranessia Thomas 
Julie Thompson 
Teresa Thompson 
Cynthia Thrasher 

Natalie Thrift 
Cindy Till 
Tammy Tolbert 
Carol Tompkins 
Crista Touchton 

Sheila Tucker 
Alice Tuttle 
Robin Tuttle 
Nancy Tyson 
Vickie Underwood 
Bruce Vail 

Caria Vance 
Martha Vance 
Frances Varner 
Joni Varner 
Cammie Vaughn 
Patty Vernon 

Cat! Vietorlsz 

Norma Vines 

Sondra VunCannon 

Danny Waden 

Tracy Walin 

Doiless Walker 

Rebecca Walker 

Ruth Walker 

Sherri Walker 

Susan Walker 
Debra Wall 
Leslie Wall 

Robin Wall 

Jodi Ward 

Regina Ward 

David Ward 

Patti Warner 

Ophelia Warren 

Debbie Watson 

Sharon Weaks 

annie Wealherford 

Melinda Welch 

Carol Wells 

Charles Wells. Jr 

John Wells 

Patricia Wells 

Catherine Wesolowski 

Julie Wessmger 

Kim West 

Nancy Wester 

Heather Whann 
Lisa Whisnant 
Sandra Whitaker 

Bernadette While 
Ellen White 
Lou White 

Mack White 
Sonia White 
Jennifer Wilder 

Leslie Wllkerson 
Jeanette Williams 
Linda Williams 

Peggy Williams 
Rhonda Williams 
Sherrie Williams 

Tammie Williams 
Teresa Williams 
Deborah Wllliford 

Mary Wills 
Carol Wilson 
Eric Wilson 


Amy Alberty 
Bonnie Albright 
David Albright 
Cathy Aldridge 
Annette Alford 
Sharon Allen 

Sherry Ames 
Veronica Andrews 
Rebecca Anthony 
Kay Auman 
Cathy Ausdenmoore 
Amy Austin 

Susan Austin 
Vivian Avery 
Sheryl Aycock 
Karen Ayers 
Leshia Allen 
Karen Badgett 

Beth Bailey 
Brenda Baker 
Lillie Baker 
Rebecca Baker 
Wendy Banner 
Elizabeth Barger 

Beverly Barnes 
Clara Barnes 
Sharon Barnes 
Tern Barnhill 
Laura Batts 
Deanna Bauer 

Sarah Baylor 
Kimberly Beaman 
Betsy Beamer 
Vickie Beard 
David Beeber 
Toni Beckwith 

Stephaie Beers 

Menda Beeson 

Martha Bell 

Cheryl Benfield 

Michelle Bennett 

Roshelle Benton 

Letitia Berlin 
Helen Biaiek 
Donna Biddy 

Martha Binkley 
Cheryl Black 

Sherrilyn Black 

Mary Blacknall 

Scott Blackwood 

Amanda Blair 

Emily Blanchard 

Mary Blanks 

Robert Blanks 

Sharon Blue 


Fiona BIythe 


Kimberly BIythe 


Lisa Boado 

■ "^^B^ 

Arlene Boesel 

^L ■* ^^M 

Lish Bobbitt 


Janet Bogus 
Elizabeth Boiling 
Cynthia Bolster 
Patience Bosley 
Tammy Bovender 
Sharon Bowman 

Tamela Boyd 
Susan Bradley 
Jenetta Bradshaw 
Harold Brandon 
Gina Branch 
Martha Braswell 

Anna Bray 
Lynne Bray 
Stacey Brazee 
Lucy Bridge 
Nellie Bridges 
Karen Briggs 

Harriett Bright 
Beth Brinkley 
Mary Britt 
Teresa Brittain 
Barbara Brown 
Donna Brown 

Robert Brown 
Susan Brown 
Tom Bruce 
Clay Brulport 
Donna Burmmitt 
Julie Bryant 

Sharon Bryant 
Suzann Bryant 
Cyrette Bullard 
Janet Bullock 
Guy Bunton 
Kathey Bunton 

Michele Burke 
Sara Burkhead 
Mitzi Burleson 
James Burton 
Jay Busick 
Jean Caldwell 

Susie Caldwell 

Carolyn Campbell 

Jennifer Campbell 

Rebecca Campbell 

Marttia Canipe 

Steve Candy 

Cindy Capps 

Renee Carden 

Jan Carden 

Beth Cardwell 

Carolyn Carpenter 

Bertha Carter 

Jeanne Castor 

Melody Caudle 

Deborah Caulder 

Anna Causey 

Glenn Chaney 

Barbara Chapman 

Ronda Chapman 
Pamela Cheek 
Phyllis Cheek 
Ronald Cherry 
Oita Cheston 
Janet Childers 

Janet Childers 
Eric Shildress 
Kim Churchill 
Robert Clay 
Jennifer Cline 
Kimberly Clodfelter 

Cheryl Clyburn 
Kimberly Cobb 
James Cobbler 
Lisa Cockerham 
Teresa Cockerham 
Lauren CoHin 

Elizabeth Cogburn 
Julie Cohen 
Barbara Cole 
Rebecca Coleman 
Roger Coleson 
Suzanne Collier 

Darby Collins 
Gina Collins 
Karen Collins 
Laurie Collins 
Teresa Collins 
Caroline Cook 

Tamara Cook 
Vicky Cooke 
Laura Cooper 
Scarlet Coulter 
Anthony Covington 
Nancy Cox 

Cheryl Davis 

Lisa Davis 

Margaret Davis 

Tina Davis 

Edwina Dawson 

Melody Day 

Robert Day 
Susan Deans 
David Deaton 
Susan Decker 

Holly Deese 
Patricia Delp 

mberly Denton 
Rose DePinto 
Dawn Desourdy 
Drusilla Devoe 
Ralph DiCarlo 
Tom Dickens 

. r A^ -'> 

Debbie Dixon 
Genie Doar 
Susan Dockery 
Laura Dodd 
Sheena Donnell 
Susan Doty 

Sandra Douglass 
Bryant Dula 
Brian Duncan 
Iris Dunlop 
Alexandra Dunn 
Cindy Dunton 

Lynn Dupree 
John Durham 
Melissa Earle 
Barbara Edwards 
Gail Edwards 
Sallie Edwards 

Erica Elam 
Anthony Elingburg 
Sherri Eller 

Jan Elliot 
Jennifer Elliot 
Joni Ellis 

Lucia Engel 
Camille England 
Catherine Evans 

Kimberly Evans 
Lisa Faison 
Gwendolyn Fant 

Brenda Farley 

Debora Farmer 

Michael Fa 

John Faulkenbury 

Lori Faust 

Tanya Ferguson 

Ellen Fesmire 

Janice Fields 

Elizabeth Fischer 

Lisa Fletcher 

Anthony Flinchum 

Patricia Flowers 

Renee Floyd 

Robin Flynn 

Tonia Flynt 

Patricea Foster 

Judy Fox 

LennJe Foy 

Pandora Frank 

Gwen Frazier 

Sherry Frease 

Angie Freeman 

Charlene Freeman 

Heidi Fritzler 

Amy Fulk 

Paul Fuller, Jr. 

Deborah Fullwood 

Cynthia Fulton 

Gina Fulton 

Pamela Funderburk 

Opal Funk 
Constance Futrell 

Tricia Gall 

Angela Gallimore 

Sandra Gallimore 

Monica Gamble 

Kimberly Gant 
Mary Gardner 
Deanna Garner 
Sheila Galling 
Elizabeth Gentry 
Alison Gilliam 

Sara Gilliam 
Roberta Glasgow 
Deborah Glover 
John Glover 
Angela Godwin 
Valerie Godwin 

Donna Goforth 
Deborah Goldstein 
Joerg Gomez 
Eduardo Gonzales 
Becky Goodling 
Sarah Goodnight 

LeAnna Graves 
Barbara Gray 
Betsy Gray 
Mary Gray 
Christopher Green 
Sharon Green 

Susan Green 
Karen Gregory 
Crystal Grier 
Maru Griffin 
Shirley Griffin 
Pamela Grigsby 

Ronald Grooms 
Mary Guess 
Sherry Gupton 
Sonya Haley 
Deborah Hall 
T«o'la Hall 

Darlene Halsey 
Linda Hamilton 
Norma Hamlett 
Jane Hampton 
Angela Hancock 
Corina Handy 

Tamera Hardison 
Anita Harper 
Elaine Harrill 
Gina Harris 
Lorranda Harris 
Barbara Harrison 

Martha Harrison 

Sharj Harrison 

Jane Hart 

Janice Hart 

Maria Hart 

Janis Hartfield 

Elien Harveli 

Elizabeth Haselberger 

Barbara Hayes 

Gaylen Hayes 

Anne Haywood 

Natalie Heaggans 

Ramona Heggins 

Lisa Heilig 

Trudy Heineman 

Billy Helms 

Kimberly Helms 

Alfreda Henderson 

Any Henderson 

Kathryn Herbert 

Angle Herman 

Kimberlee Herring 

Prudence Herring 

Connie Herzberg 

Shirley Hicks 

Claudette Hicl<s 

Deborah Hill 

Katherine Hill 

Leroy Hill 

Starr Hill 

William Hill 

Katherine Hilton 

Jan Hinton 

Timothy Hiskey 

Janet Hitchens 

Anne Hobble 

Melissa Hobson 
Susan Hockaday 
Jackie Hodges 
Elizabeth Hodgin 
Susan Hodgin 
Nancy Hogarty 

Bonita Holland 
Melissa Mollis 
Arlhenia Holmes 
Dianne Holmes 
Lee Holsclaw 
Patty Hondros 

Jackie Horn 
Emily Houston 
Cindy Howell 
Pania Howell 
Mary Huflman 
Ramona Huffman 

Marsha Humphrey 
Diane Hunike 
Judy Hunsucker 
Sheila Hunter 
Amy Hurwitz 
Cynthia Hutchinson 


David Isreal ^^f"^ 
Debbie Jackson 
William Jackson T^ "^ 'r^ 

Barbara Jeffcoat 
Karen Jefferson 

Glenda Jensen 

Carol Jewell 

Amy Johnson 

Jane Johnson 

Jean Johnson 

Kimberly Johnson 

Linda Johnson 
Loretta Johnson 
William Johnson 

Vincent Johnson 

Joe Jolley 

Jennifer Jones 

Lauren Jones 
Patricia Jones 
Rhonda Jones 


Roxanna Jones 
Kim Joyce 
Leesa Joyce 
Mary Kahn 
Judith Keating 
Mary Keecti 

Leah Kinder 
Joyce King 
Laura King 
Lucille King 

Tammy King 
Kerry Knight 
Lucy Kolb 
Katrine Kostic 
Karen Krall 
Steve Kramer 

Lori Kuhlwind 
Theodore Labosky 
Wanda Lacey 
Anne Laguex 
Loretta Lambeth 
Laurie Lammert 

Heidi Lassiter 
Cecelia LaValle 
Jeffery Lawson 

Cynthia Layell 

Tom Leak 

Christina Le Beau 

Marcia Lecos 

Mary Lennon 

Julia Lentz 

Michael Leonard 
Robert Lewis 
Nodra Lineberger 
Sonya Lipscomb 
Ann Liverman 
Winifred Lowder 

Nancy Lucas 

Co Luong 

Sherri Lynn 

Yvonne Machiiek 

Martha Malloy 

Joel Maness 

Mitzi Maness 

Randy Maness 

Sybil Mann 

Michael Mapp 

Kristin Markland 

Carolyn Marley 

Bobbie Marshall 
Rebecca Martin 
Sarah Martin 
Winona Massey 
Mary Mastin 
Carol Matthews 

Julie Matthews 
Martha Matthews 
Katherine May 
Kitty Mayberry 
Addie McAuley 
Terri McCall 

Sheila McCants 
Elizabeth McCracken 
Lisa McDaniel 

Kimberly McDonald 
Randall McElroy 
Debra McGee 

Yvonne McHorney 
Anna McKoy 
Ursula McLean 

Virginia McCelland 
Susan McLester 
Debra McMahan 
Alice McNebb 
Sheila McRae 
Tracy Mebane 

Sheryl Mello 
Steve Melton 
Tamara Meredith 
Jan Metcalf 
Sandra Miles 
Cheryl Miller 

Cynthia Miller 

Morns Miller 

Sandra Miller 

Irene Miquilarena 

Angelyn Mitchell 

Kim Monk 

Patricia Moon 
Angela Moore 
Annette Moore 
Joseph Moore 
Mary Moore 
Susan Moore 

Ann Moose 

Grace Morgan 

Susan Morgan 

Sharon Monarty 

Angela Morris 

David Morris 

Melanie Morris 

Janet Morrison 

Christine Morrissey 

Martha Moscheler 

Marrianne Moskowitz 

Susan Mullins 

Lesia Murdock 

Denise Myers 

Debbie Nelson 

Nadine Nelson 

Kathy Nesbit 

Roy Nesbitt 

Julian Nichols 

Catherine Noel! 

Rhonda Norwood 

Carolyn O'Connor 

Wayne Oakley 

Susan Oates 

Sandra O'Oea 

Siobhan ODonnell 

Annette Ogeltree 

John Oliver 

Martha ONeil 

Scotta Orr 

Marion Pearce 
Elizabeth Peeler 
Lisa Pegg 
Susan Pender 
Gregory Pendergrass 
Phillip Pennell 

Donna Perry 
Sabrina Perry 
Debbie Petrich 
Kimberly Pickard 
Joyce Pickler 
Fred Pierce 

Vangi Pierce 

Julie Pinkston 

Tamara Pittman 

Alina Pianes 

Sheila Playforth 

Shaunielle Plummer 

Nancy Poe 

Sandra Poe 

Mary Polecastro 

Dean Porcaro 

Ellin Porterfield 

Sharon Powell 


/#i iS^ 

Carmen Quinonez 
Gray Ragland 
Suzette Randolph 
Wanda Rankin 
Elizabeth Ray 
Susan Raynor 

Teree Readling 
Jewel Reavis 
Jullanne Rece 
Gall Redden 
Lucrella Reece 
Susan Reese 

Mark Reeves 
Paul Register 
Judith Reid 
Dina Remenar 
Micheal Renigar 
Pamela Reveille 

Jane Rhoades 
Wanda Rhodes 
Sharon Rhue 
Renee Rice 
Denise Richard 
Billee Richards 

Eric Riggins 
Diane Riley 
Andrea Reppey 
Sandra Ritter 
Kenneth Roberson 
Debbie Roberts 

Lisa Robertson 
Cora Robinson 
Catherine Rogers 
Mary Rogers 
Caroline Rohrbacker 
Sue Rosenblatt 

Laurie Ross 
Sandra Ross 
Theresa Rossi 
Donna Roulh 
Marsha Rumley 
Janet Rushing 

Sarah Russell 

Douglas Rutter 

Tammie Sakran 

Melinda Sanford 

Jane Sargent 

Zeke SchofJeld 

Josephine Schuiz 

Leslie Scott 

Skye Seago 

Donna Sechrist 

Robin Self 

Susan Sexlon 

Mary Stiackelford 

Aspa Shah 

Lynda Sharpe 

Molly Sharp 

Camilla Shelton 

Anne Shepard 

Randye Shoaf 

Marcia Short 

Beth Shughart 

David Shumate 

Donald Shumate 

Star Shuping 

Cathy Sigman 

James Sinclair 

Teresa Simmons 

Tiea Simmons 
Deborah Smart 
Christie Smith 

Dierdre Smith 
Diana Smith 
Diedra Smith 


Edwin Smith 
Elizabeth Smith 
James Smith 

Mary Smith 
Nancy Smith 
Pamela Smith 

Penny Smith 
Steve Smith 
Susan Smith 

Tony Smith 
Miriam Smoot 
Alice Snipes 
Charlene Sorrell 
Janet Southern 
Julene Southern 

Brian Sparks 
Donna Sparks 
Ann Spillane 
Deborah Spragins 
Beatrice Springs 
Demestris Squires 

Sheila Stanaland 
Teresa Stanfield 
Donna Stanley 
Jennifer Stanley 
Gina Staples 
Sandra Steed 

Karen Steele 
Marilyn Steele 
Gail Steelman 
Jefterson Steen 
Blanche Stevens 
Patricia Stewart 

Lynn Stone 

i Stuart 

Suzanne Suhr 

Cynttiia Swann 

Lisa Swann 

Sharon Swift 

Shelley Taylor 

Jennifer Temple 

Myra Terrell 

Cindy Thomas 

Susan Thomas 

Jean Thompson 

N^ark Thompson 

Stanley Thompson 

Towi Thompson 

Linda Theati 

Mary Thies 

Gloria TImberlake 

Eric Todd 
Amy Tomberljn 
Cheryl Torbil 
Tammy Toslosky 
Betty Towe 
Lora Traywtck 

Martha Trexler 
Roberta Troknya 
Lynn Trout 
Susan Troxler 
Donna Troy 
Donna Turner 

Jewel Turner 
Kathy Tyner 
Neil Underwood 
Vicki Vance 
Aundra Vanhook 
Leigh Vanstory 

Emma Vaughters 
Bruce Vernon 
Beth Vestal 
Sara Voelkert 
Cynthia Vogler 
James Walker 

Patricia Walker 
Philip Walker, Jr. 
Cindy Wall 
Pamela Ward 
Deborah Watkins 
Donna Watson 

Elizabeth Watts 
Cynthia Wayne 
Russell Weadon 
Sharon Webb 
Margaret Webber 
Debra Weeks 

Linda Weitzel 
Karen Wenner 
Carolyn West 
Colleen Whalen 
Sandra Wheeler 
Janet Whetstine 

Sharon Whitener 
Marcia Wilhelm 
Eleanor Williams 

Jann Williams 
Jennifer Williams 

Joan Williams 

Kris Will 

Lisa Will 

Lynda Will 

Rhonda Will 

Robert Will 

Rodney Willi 

Tammy Williams 

Eugenia Willington 

Kimberly Willis 

Anne Willson 

Cathia Wilson 

Jeannine Wilson 

ifl'TL yi 

Jeftery Wilson 
Judy Wilson 
Mary Wilson 
Susan Wilson 
Mark Winch 
Bonnie Winchester 

Graduate Students 

Orie Akao 

Betty Ayala 

Debra Baggett 

Gary Barger 

William Berger 

John Black, III 

Cruz Brugueras 

Pamela Bullard 

Thomas Bundros 
Renee Cannady 
Laura Cook 

Jo Cox \ ^"'^* f 

Gall Grin 
Ruth Goodling 
Daniel Graham 
Ivey Green 

Marianne Guy 
Randall Hall 
Tommie Hall 
Cynthia Hanford 

Sharon Franck 
Barbara Froeschle 
Brinda Gavin 
Linda Gavin 
David George 
Garland Hardin 
Julia Henry 
Iris Jimenez 
Thomas Johnson 

Cary Jones 

Mary Jones 

Dwight King 

Margaret Knott 

Hamid Ohadi 

Janet Oussaty 

Sharron Owens 

Paul Pell 

Jocelyn Pharr 

David Kostenko 

Kathleen Lee 

John Lingard 

Michelle Linster 

Stephanie Pigford 

Elmira Powell 

Aamir Qureshi 

Harris Randall 

Gayle Roberson 

Gregory Liles 

James Livingston 

Isidra Lopez de Lean 

Lynette Lucas 

Pansy Rumley 

Teresa Schilling 

Joseph Sholy 

David Siler 

Suzanne Simmons 

Stephen Mathis 

John May 

Peggy McCoy 

David Millsaps 

Katherine Sink 

Benjamin Smedberg 

Martha Smith 

Cindy Stager 

Bijan Tohidy 

Gustavo Miquilarena 

Phillip Morrow 

Lynn Moss 

Alan Myrick 

Robert White 

Howard Westmoreland 

Janet Yates 

Henry Younts 

/ > 


Arts and Letters Society 

The purpose of this organiza- 
tion IS to promote camaraderie 
among English majors and other 
students with an interest In English; 
to better the relationship and act as 
a liaison between the English 
Department faculty and students: to 
provide interesting programs and 
activities to publicize literary arts on 
campus and to initiate and perpe- 
tuate two honorary organizations - 
one for literary achievement and 
one for scholastic achievement. This 
organization is open to all students 
of the University. 

Jane Patrick, Martha Adcock, Dorothy Walerfill. Stephanie Tingler, Chuck Hager, 
Debbie Lane, Harold Williams 


Stephen Hopkins. Ray Korman, Dr Louise Robbins, Jamie Englund. Steve Paquette. Angus Stephens, Jenny Newell. Anne Brandon, Victoria 
Friedensen, Nancy Butler, Cindy Garner, Dr Joseph Mountjoy, Julta Rhodes 

Chess Club 

The Chess Club meets every 
Tuesday night from 7:30-11:00. 
Anyone Is welcome to join the club 
or merely to come by and play. For 
those who do not know how to play, 
instruction is provided upon request 
with sets, boards, clocks, books, 
and materials at your disposal. For 
the serious player, the Chess Club 
sponsors a Chess Team consisting 
of the top players in the North 
Carolina Chess League and the 
Intercollegiate Chess League of 
America. We are also full-time 
active members and affiliates in the 
United States Chess Federation and 
the North Carolina Chess Associa- 

Row 1; Paul Pavlldes, Randy Dolinger. Martie Canada, Holly Allison. Karen Weiner. John, Jim Karrigan Row 2; 
Dennis Boring, Johni Heavner, Bob Spurrier Row 3; Paul Pavlices, Jr , Ray Clark. Paul Brooks. 


Teresa Collins: Public Information/Relations Officer, Resusi-S Anne, Dummy, Susan 
Hathcock; CPR/Medic II Officer, Marina Ervin; Field Operations, Sue Thome; CPR/N'edic II 
Officer, Ann Talley; Records Officer, Dan Summers; Director, and Betty Seelbinder; Finance 

During 1975, the University of 
North Carolina at Greensboro 
became the home of North Carolin- 
a's first University Emergency 
fvledical Association, The UNC-G 
Emergency Medical Association 
(EMA) is an organization composed 
of UNC-G students, faculty 
members, and the general public 
that are devoted to future advances 
in emergency medicine v^rithin the 
United States, During the first year 
of EMA operations, over 200 UNC-G 
students from seven states and 51 
of North Carolina's 100 counties 
became involved in EMA programs. 
While EMA should be of special 
interest to pre-medical and nursing 
students, present figures show that 
over seventy-two percent of the 
EMA members are from majors 
unrelated to medicine, EMA student 
leadership is composed of officers 
voted into office by their fellow 
students. In addition to the student 
officers, EMA also has a voluntary 
Board of Medical Advisers com- 
posed of persons involved in 
professional medical roles. Through 
these medical advisers, EMA 
members are able to obtain infor- 
mation and training at all levels of 
the emergency medical care 
system. It is through this education- 
ally based concept that the EMA 
motto, "Saving Lives Through 
Education," is born. 

Further information may be 
obtained in the EMA office in Room 
276, Elliott University Center or by 
calling 379-5179, 

American Home Economics 

The aims of this organization, 
which is an affiliate of the state and 
national association, include provid- 
ing a professional organization on 
the local level, promoting an 
understanding and appreciation of 
home economics by encouraging 
participation in activities and 
meetings and creating a spirit of 

Students enrolled in a home 
economics program leading to a 
baccalaureate degree in home 
economics are eligible for member- 
ship fvlonthly programs related to 
the various majors within home 
economics are planned Activities 
have included Freshman Orienta- 
tion Picnic, Senior Induction Picnic, 
service pro|ects and an Honors 

Christine Blanlon, Vice President. Kathy Spratt, President, Jody Mullis. Secretary 

UNC-G Recreation Society 

The U.N.C.-G Recreation 
Society IS organized to develop an 
effective system for student mem- 
bership and service for the Recrea- 
tion Division students and faculty of 


President Joe Attayek 

Vice-President Gwen Poole 

Secretary Nancy Fletcher 

Treasurer Robin Harrell 

Parliamentarian: Pat Cadle 

Senior Class. Cookie Nixon 

Junior Class Len Williams 

Sophomore Class Alease Daniels 
U N C -G students serving as officers in N 
Recreation and Park Society 

Student Branch Pres Joe Attayek 

Student Branch Vice Eva Cowan 

Student Liaison Gwen Poole 
UNC-G student serving as officer in Tl 
National Recreation and Park Association 
Student Liaison to Lay/Board 

Commission Joe Attayek 

Outing Club 

The Outing Club is a student 
organization which brings together 
people who enjoy sharing outdoor 
experiences and who are interested 
in learning more about nature. It is 
a way to become more familiar with 
the wilderness areas of North 
Carolina and surrounding states, as 
well as with the problems which 
plague these areas. Meetings are 
fun and informative, covering such 
subjects as: first-aid, natural foods, 
past and future trips, hang gliding, 
and conservation problems. 

Members include Marsha Humphrey. Scott Reynolds. Robin Canterbury. John Jackson. Jan Nordby. Dale 
Caviness. Ed Saleem. Les DrinKard, Steve Kramer, Ronda Chapman, Rick Wilson, Phil Leonard. Christie 
Ketchum, Ray Rimer. Richard Lamb. Charlie Graham, Jo Coble, Ann Guyton, Bill Gracey, Gene Roberts. Nena 
Cadle. Susan Beaty. John Owen, Cindy Hott, John Drinkard 

Some ot our activities include: 
mountain climbing, caving, hiking, 
back-packing, canoeing, skydiving. 
Scuba diving, sailing, skiing, camp- 
ing, kayaking, and more. Expeditions 
have been made to Mexico, Ver- 
mont, and the Bahamas. The Outing 
Club also sponsors a semi-annual 
Pig Roast, a festival for all students 

to enjoy. Most equipment needed 
can be provided to the members at 
no charge. Novice as w/ell as 
experienced students are encour- 
aged to attend. Instructions and 
leadership training are available. 
Come up to Elliot University Center 
any and every Wednesday night at 
7:00 p.m. 

Phi Mu Alpha 

Row 1. Ronnie Stephens. Jonathan Smith, Dillard Moss. Brooks Troxler. Pete Cook. Romulus Murrell. Beniy Springs. Paul 
Tiller, Randy Ingold. Ted Hunter. Lee Mabe Row 2. John McCachren. Dave Doyle. Keith Dillon. Bernie Hall, Terry Lighlfool. 
Mark Ramsay. Bruce Orcutt. Milton Crolts. Steve Kelly. Don Holtzer, Melvin Jones Not Pictured Steve Amowitz. David Miles. 
Larry Thomas. Brian Gray. Faculty Advisors Jack Masarie. John Weigand 

EUC Council 

Vice President Faith Holder 
President Laverne Totten 
Secretary: Mary Harris 

Margaret Little 
Joanne Goldwater 
Susan Walker 
David Grogan 

Dennis Marrow 
Randy Cribb 
Cathy Watson 
Patty Bryant 
Leslie Wilkerson 
Jackie Hodges 
Betsy Blank 
Cathy Medlin 
Peggy Bryant 
Regina Bridges 
Kathy Flynn 
Alma Planes 
Kathi Wlazio 

Stephie Brown 
Lorraine CeCunzo 
Helene Biaiek 
Melanee Wheeler 
Mary Brodie 
Sheila Tucker 
Debbie Chavis 
Jocelyn Foy 
Kathy Ortman 
Jennifer Wilder 
Sabrina Martin 
Lillie Baker 
Marilyn Steele 
Sherrie Williams 
Jonathan Gill 
Yvonne Pence 
Randy Ingold 

Tressa Barbee 
Roger Coleson 
Laura Gilchrist 
Sharon Yarley 


Vickie Salterwhite 
Kitzi Tuten 
Bill Joyce 
John Faulkenbury 
Leona Faust 
Patti Lake 
Mary Ann Pugh 

Jill Farmer 
Faith Holder 

Scott Harkins 
Willie Smith 
Teresa Gray 
Cindy Whicker 
Lauren Coffin 
John Phillips 
Jane Johnson 

Deb McGann 
Rene Cole 
Linda Murphy 
Gail McLaughlin 
Beth Peeler 
Susan Rhyne 
Sheila Wright 
Phyllis York 
Sandra Whitaker 
Vicky Reck 
Gary Smith 
Rebecca Livingston 
Marty Wagner 
Phil Maukdin 

Jeff Vance 
Jeff Erwin 
Mary Paul Pilley 
Valerie Bass 
Sheryt Aycock 
Phyllis Cheek 
Lisa Bobbitl 
Lynn Stone 
Denise Brooks 
Deborah Hall 

Gary Bernstein 
Valerie Godwin 
Cindy Oehler 
Elaine Taybron 
Chris Patty 
Emily Blanchard 
Tonita Flynt 
Ellen Harvell 
Austin Jones 

Ben Richardson 
Ann Wilson 
Kathy Carpenter 
Terry Williams 
Lynn Cockerham 
Katrina Kostic 

EUC is our student center, a living room away from home It's 
a place where you can relax, study, play pinball. eat or just get away 
from It all The EUC Council sponsors activities such as dances, 
socials, coffeehouses, discos, concerts, lectures, and many special 
events throughout the year We're always doing something. It's a 
terrific way to meet people and to become involved in university 

A Officers 

G Promotions 

B Coffeefiouse 

H Lecture 

C- Concerts 

1 Special Events 

D- Dance and Social 

J Movie 

E. Daytime Programrr 


K Video 

F Disco 


Gamma Sigma Sigma 

Gamma Sigma Sigma is a service 
sorority with highi ideas of friendship 
and equality. The purpose of the 
sorority is to assemble college and 
university students In the spirit of 
service to humanity not only on 
campus but also In community and 
national affairs. The sorority serves to 
develop friendships among people of 
all races and creeds, through working 
side by side through the fulfillment of 
these goals common to all. 

The Carolinian 

student newspaper of UNC-G. It is 
published twice weekly; except 
during holidays, and is paid for by 
student activity fees and adverti- 
sements. All students are welcome 
to work on the newspaper, regard- 
less of previous experience. 

Jeff Erwin. Business Manager. 
Hobie Lowe. Photograpfiy Editor. 
John McCann. Editor; Terry Williams. 
Sports Editor. Andy Ling. Associate 
Editor; Bill Holden, News Editor; Skip 
Ruzicka, Ad [ylanager. 

The Carolinian 

Mark Deaton. Barbra Gawarkiewicz. Jotin McCann. Vanessa Ried. Dorotfiy Waterfield. Ginny Gardner, Jennifer McCann. Mary 
Gray. Sandra Poe. Teresa Britain. Pete Walker. Jennifer Orsett. Stewart Robinson. Ram Pfillllps, Al DeCarlo, Guillermo Valasco, Jeff 
Erwin. Jane Kraemer. Alison Pratt, Jim Vestal, Craig Rubin, Hobie Lowe 


so WHY A CORADDI? In 1919 
the name was created as an acronym 
for the three literary societies which 
administered it. And ever since then, 
every single year . . . you guessed it 
. . . CORADDI, That's why. 

And whence? This year, 
1978-79, every other month. And 
changes abounded, and the 
magazine included articles on 
theatre, dance, and music as well as 

the traditional poetry, fiction and 
artwork. With advertising to help 
finance it all. And the staff, most of 
them captured above both in- 
dividually and collectively by the 
sharp pen and wit of UNC-G artist 
Guillermo Velasco, worked hard and 
mightily to produce something just a 
little . . - well . . . different. 

Elizabeth House. Beth Morecock. Guillermo Velasco. John Jones. Beth Petrochuk, Elain Chnstensen. Kent Robertson. Bill Boericke, Ric 
Marshall (Editor). Scott Dodgson, Clyde Smith. Elizabeth Hutchinson, Anne Windhorst. Bob Murdock, Eric Ries Not shown; Lisa Brown, Joseph 
Carter. Karen Dimling, Richard B, Ferebee, Frank Hautzmger, Rich Innes, John Pope, Larry Rivenbark, Marion Roberson, Stephanie Tingler, Dorian 

Pine Needles 

Editor - Keith Kolischak 
Associate Editor - David Reavis 
Business Manager - Karen Fagg 
Advertising Manager - Janice Martin 
Layout Editor - Anita McNeiily 
Staff; Betsy Flagg 

Robert Day 

Eileen Basqulll 

Allen Fox 

Linda Murphy 

Mary Kay Moore 

Janet Jessup 

Joni Johnston 

Clara Barnes 
Photography Editor - Bill Mclllwain 

Staff: Craig Rubin 
David Reavis 
Mike Ellis 
Hoby Lowe 
Louis Abramovitz 
Tim McNeal 

Special Thanks to Our Friends: 
Martha New 
Paul Cecere 
Cliff Lowery 
The Carolinian 
Media Board 
UNC-G News Bureau 

Steve W. Bucko. Sr. 

Resident District Manager 

Office 275-4591 

Your University Dining Service 


Headquarters at 

Independence Square. S W 

Philadelphia. Pennsylvania 

ARA Food Services |Oins the University yearbook, its staff. 
and student volunteers, in support of its programming 

Our continuous Dining Service is from 7 00 AM until 7:00 PM 
Monday through Friday Saturday and Sunday hours are 800 AM 
until 6 15 PM A Study Break is offered from 9 00 PM until 10;00 
PM Monday through Thursday at no extra charge to Dining Card 

The University Community is invited to visit the Dogwood 
Room and the Snack Bar in Elliott Center and to visit the Dining 
Hall during the regularly scheduled hours, especially for festive 
occasions such as 

Founders Day Picnic 

Mexican Night 

Down Home Country Cookin' 

Captain Seafood Night 

Halloween Extravaganza 

THE ROBOT ROOM: Vendors display food and drinks and 
serve them at the drop of a com. The hours are: Monday through 
Saturday 7 00 AM-1 1 00 PM, 

SODA SHOP: The soda fountain and grill offer snacks during 
all hours of operation A limited selective menu offers 
cafeteria-style service The hours are Monday through Friday 
7 30 AM-7 00 PM 

THE DOGWOOD ROOM: Provides table service and buffet 
A more selective menu may be reserved for meals by groups 
official or private The hours are 11:00 AM-1:30 PM Monday 
through Friday 

THE STATE ROOM: A new adventure in fast food dining, 
providing the University a unique fast-service menu with flair: also 
private booths to give students a more relaxed atmosphere 

We encourage all Unversity organizations to have their 
banquets on campus Please call our office for information. 



WUAG-FM is the student fund- 
ed, student operated radio station at 
UNC-G. The station Is on the air 
seven days a week, all day and most 
of the night. Our volunteers at 
WUAG-FIVI have a little of something 
for everyone: classical music, 
traditional and progressive jazz, rock 
and folk music, news, sports and a 
minimum of talk. 

You need not have had previous 
experience in Broadcasting to work 

with us. We will gladly teach you the 
necessary skills. However, we are 
only as flexible and creative as you 

No matter what your interests, 
you are always welcome to work with 

A member of the National 
Association of Educational Broad- 
casters and the Southeast College 
Radio Association. 

Row One Amy Sloop. Monica Snyder, Teresa Williams, Marion Roberson. Marianne Moskowitz, Joni Varner, Anne Wilson 
Row two: Ray Tucker. Billy Morris. Joey Jackson. Dick Stephens. Eric Clark. David Neal. Jon Matzkin. Suzanne Moss. Ross 
DePinto. David Isreal, John Starr, Byron Woods, Ed Shepherd, Lee Dudley. Steve Shamel Row three: Calvin Cole, Butch Fuller, 
Ronald Skenes. Lynn Barbee. Steve Hardy, Ted Llewllyn Not in Picture Jill Pavey, Rich Dries. John Lannacone. Carole Kruger. 
Bob Turley. Sherwood Jones. Marty Wagner. Edith Langley. Peter Tenny. Julie Cohen. Eric Todd. Andy Asnip. John Jackson. 
Forest Jerkins, Sharon Llewllyn. Julia Mclver, Steve Putnam. Carole Smith, Bob Stuber, Gary Todd. John Pare. Chief Eng.: 
Woody McDougald 







A. Ronald Skenes-Program Director 

B. Calvin Cole-News Director and 
David Isreal-Production Director 

C Paul Franklin-D,J Representative 

D Joey Jackson - Business Manager 

E Teresa Williams-Traftic Director 

F Edward Shepherd-Music Director 

G Eric Clark- Station Manager 




Ins Boswell - Owner 




Shoes Dyed to Match 

^v i9f^ '' 

Pagent Gowns by 

H V 

Mike Benet 

f V 

Custom made Veils 

1 292-8911 

' '"^^ ■• • 

/' 3908 W Market St. 









studio Theatre 

Y^^^^^ wBw^^^^*. 



m^W^ Y <?*'^^^^'-' ^ 









In Memory of 

Mrs. Frances Cottrell Ferguson